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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Philosophia Christi 10:1 (Summer 2008)

By next week, our summer issue of Philosophia Christi will be hitting the mail boxes of our subscribers. To subscribe or become a member of the EPS (which includes a subscription to Philosophia Christi), click here.

The summer issue includes articles that refute the claims of the "new atheists" (including Paul's Copan's article). We also feature contributions on the evidential importance of religious experience and the unity of the self in light of naturalistic claims in philosophy of mind and neuroscience. We also have articles on libertarian freedom, an argument against internalism, and a critique of Alstonian realism, along with many other articles, notes and book reviews.

To see the full table of contents, click here.

You can purchase the issue here.

Or, better yet, if you are a first-time subscriber to Philosophia Christi, get our summer issue FREE, plus a 2 year subscription, all for a reasonable $30. Click here.

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