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Sunday, November 23, 2008

EPS Sponsored Apologetics Training in New England

Nearly 800 people came out for the "Earnestly Contending" apologetics conference held at New Life Worship Center -- this was a record amount of people to attend such a conference in this region.

Attendees received first-hand training from William Lane Craig, Paul Copan, Gary Habermas, Craig Evans, Daniel B. Wallace, Greg Koukl, Michael Rea, Michael Murray, and several other featured speakers, including Brett Kunkle who spoke to over 100 youth.

And perhaps even more encouraging is that over 100 area pastors came to a luncheon and seminar in order to better grasp the pastoral significance of apologetics training and ministry in the local church.

There was more than just interest in apologetics and Christian worldview training -- there was downright hunger for Christian knowledge and understanding.

Some have blogged about the conference, including comments at Stirred Neurons, Confident Christianity, and even over at John Loftus' Debunking Christianity blog.

Audio of the conference presentations will be available in early 2009. You can currently purchase all of the audio from last year by going here.

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