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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 Highlights of Annual EPS Meetings & Conference

Several dozen papers will be presented at the 2011 annual meeting of the EPS (San Francisco), along with several more at the EPS Apologetics Conference (Berkeley), and the EPS session at SBL. In addition, there are several worthwhile panel discussions to enjoy this year, some of which are part of the ETS's or the EPS's schedule. Lot's of great contributions by EPS members in ETS sessions! Below is a handy snapshot of some of the highlights:

EPS RECEPTION @ 8:30 pm, Marriott - Foothill G
EPS and ETS members are welcome to come enjoy fellowship with a word of encouragement from Dr. Paul Gould, "Against Saving the World on Your Own Time."
EPS PLENARY SESSION @ 3:30 pm, Marriott - Yerba Buena
Dr. Dallas Willard will discuss the topic, "The Shape of Moral Knowledge."
EPS Apologetics Conference (Berkeley) @ 7:00 pm
Dr. Dallas Willard is the plenary speaker for this evening: "Knowing in the Context of Spiritual Formation."
More info:

EPS Business Meeting @ 8:30 am, Marriott - Yerba Buena 1
Come hear about the latest happenings in the EPS, including who are the newest elected members of the Executive Committee.
EPS Apologetics Conference (Berkeley) @ 7:00 pm
Dr. J.P. Moreland is the plenary speaker for this evening: "Loving God with All Your Mind."
More info:

EPS Apologetics Conference (Berkeley) @ 8:45 am and @ 12:00 pm
Dr. Craig Hazen's plenary on "Christianity in a World of Religions" and Greg Koukl's plenary on "The Intolerance of Tolerance."
More info:

EPS Session at SBL @ 7:00 pm, Marriott - Pacific E
"Prospects for Body-Soul Dualism," with contributors J.P. Moreland, Angus Menuge, and Kevin Corcoran

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