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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Recommended EPS-ETS Panel Discussion (THURSDAY): Marriage

Christian Ethics: Defining and Defending Marriage

8:30-11:40 am
Marriott – Yerba Buena 7

Moderator: R. Scott Smith
(Biola University)

8:30-9:10 am
Maggie Gallagher
(National Organization for Marriage)
Marriage: The Case for Hope

9:20-10:00 am
Daniel L. Akin
(Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Biblical Marriage in a Broken World: A Theology of a Redeemed Relationship

10:10-10:50 am
Wayne Grudem
(Phoenix Seminary)
Why Limiting Marriage to One Man and One Woman Is Not an Unconstitutional ‘Establishment of Religion’

11:00-11:40 am
Daniel R. Heimbach
(Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Refuting Arguments for Same-Sex Marriage

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