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Monday, October 24, 2016

A Little Book for New Philosophers: Why and How to Study Philosophy

In 2016, IVP Academic published A Little Book for New Philosophers: Why and How to Study Philosophy by Paul Copan. Paul Copan (PhD, Marquette University) is the Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

From the publisher's description of A Little Book for New Philosophers: 
What's the point of studying philosophy when we have theology? Is philosophy anything more than a preparation for apologetics? 
Often called "theology's handmaid," philosophy has sometimes suffered from an inferiority complex in the church. Many Christians see little point in it at all. But as Paul Copan contends, it is possible to affirm theology's preeminence without diminishing the value and contribution of philosophy.
In A Little Book for New Philosophers, Copan offers a concise introduction to the study of philosophy. Aimed at newcomers, this brief overview is both a survey of philosophy's basic aims and categories and an apology for its proper function in the life of the Christian. "By God's grace," Copan writes, "philosophy can enhance our understanding and worship of God . . . and assist us in defending the coherence of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ."

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