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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Continue to Pray for Nabeel Qureshi!

Please join us in continually praying for our dear brother and colleague, Nabeel Qureshi, as he battles stage IV stomach cancer. Doctors currently give him like a 1% chance of recovery.
  • We pray that the Holy Spirit would rise up with great power to completely heal Nabeel of this illness. 
  • We pray that God would strengthen Nabeel's faith and the faith of all those who call on our Lord for His deliverance. 
  • We pray that God would break the power of any encroaching despair and discouragement that would seek to rob Nabeel and his family of their joy, hope and contentment in Christ. 
  • We pray for Holy Spirit guided wisdom and discernment for all of Nabeel’s doctors and for all those who directly care and minister grace to him. 
  • We pray for an abundance of encouragement, and strengthening of Nabeel’s leadership, vocation and witness.
Video updates from Nabeel are available here, and his latest medical and spiritual update video is posted below. PRAY and SUPPORT Nabeel and his family.



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