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Monday, October 23, 2017

Theistic and Non-Theistic Perspectives on Religious Liberty and the Law

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In 2017, Routledge published Religious Liberty and the Law: Theistic and Non-Theistic Perspectives in the Applied Legal Philosophy series, edited by Angus J. L. Menuge. Menuge is Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Concordia University, Wisconsin, USA. In addition to being President of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, his teaching and research interests are in the areas of philosophy of mind and philosophy of science. He has published widely on these and related issues.

From the publisher's description of Religious Liberty and the Law: 
Questions of religious liberty have become flashpoints of controversy in virtually every area of life around the world. Despite the protection of religious liberty at both national and supranational levels, there is an increasing number of conflicts concerning the proper way to recognize it – both in modern secular states and in countries with an established religion or theocratic mode of government. 
This book provides an analysis of the general concept of religious liberty along with a close study of important cases that can serve as test beds for conflict resolution proposals. It combines the insights of both pure academics and experienced legal practitioners to take a fresh look at the nature, scope and limits of religious liberty. Divided into two parts, the collection presents a blend of legal and philosophical approaches, and draws on cases from a wide range of jurisdictions, including Brazil, India, Australia, the USA, the Netherlands, and Canada.
Presenting a broad range of views, this often provocative volume makes for fascinating reading for academics and researchers working in the areas of law and religion, legal philosophy and human rights.

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