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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Get the Current Issue of Philosophia Christi if You Renew/Subscribe by March 19th!

For as low as $25, become an Annual Member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society or a Journal-only subscriber of Philosophia Christi and you will receive the Winter 2017 as your first issue!

The Winter 2017 issue feature a wide-array of articles, philosophical notes and book reviews that address issues of theodicy, cosmology, philosophical theology and concerns of meta-ethics.

Contributors include C. Stephen Evans, William Lane Craig, R. Scott Smith, Matthew Flannagan, Stephan T. Davis. Robert Larmer, John DePoe, Paul Gould, Donald T. Williams, John Warwick Montgomery and many others!

Various discussions emerge in the Winter 2017 issue, including:
  • Discussions about Theodicy and the Problem of Evil
  • Debates about Platonism, Absolute Creationism, and Divine Aseity
  • Assessments of Erik Wielenberg's "Autonomy Thesis." 
  • Critiques of Nicholas Wolterstorff's argument for same-sex marriage 
Renew/subscribe before March 19th to get the Winter 2017 issue!

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