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Monday, December 30, 2019

Paul Moser on "Understanding Religious Experience: From Conviction to Life's Meaning"

In 2020, Cambridge University Press will publish Understanding Religious Experience: From Conviction to Life's Meaning by Paul K. Moser. Moser is Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University, Chicago. He serves as editor of Cambridge Studies in Religion, Philosophy, and Society and Elements in Religion and Monotheism.

From the publisher's description of Understanding Religious Experience:
In this book, Paul K. Moser offers a new approach to religious experience and the kind of evidence it provides. Here, he explains the nature of theistic and non-theistic experience in relation to the meaning of human life and its underlying evidence, with special attention given to the perspectives of Tolstoy, Buddha, Confucius, Krishna, Moses, the apostle Paul, and Muhammad. Among the many topics explored in this timely volume are: religious experience characterized in a unifying conception; religious experience naturalized relative to science; religious experience psychologized in merely psychological phenomena; and religious experience cognized relative to potential defeaters from evil, divine hiddenness, and religious diversity. Understanding Religious Experience will benefit those interested in the nature of religion and can be used in relevant courses in religious studies, philosophy, theology, Biblical studies, and the history of religion.
Readers may also be interested in the Evangelical Philosophical Society's web project on Paul Moser's "Christ-Shaped Philosophy," which includes a lead paper by Moser, along with dozens of responses by various philosophers and theologians, along with replies by Moser. For a preview, consider this presentation by Moser for Biola's Center for Christian Thought:

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