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Friday, December 20, 2019

Scott Smith on "The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge"

In November, Biola's Scott Smith released a paper on Dallas Willard's Disappearance of Moral Knowledge (DMK) which seeks to contribute to ongoing discussion on Dallas' posthumously published work.

Scott's paper is titled, "A Spiritual Issue with the 'Disappearance of Moral Knowledge."

Dallas argues that due to various philosophical and institutional factors, we have lost a body of moral knowledge in the West. Scott's paper considers one institution, the church, and a related, spiritual aspect to the loss of moral knowledge. The paper then explores what Christians can do about that particular aspect.

The full-text of Scott's paper is available for FREE by clicking here. For more of Scott Smith's reflection on Dallas Willard, see his remarks at the EPS blog.

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Scott's paper raises important issues about how we not only think about the "disappearance" of moral knowledge but the role of the church under the authority of  the Holy Spirit to help 'recover' moral and spiritual knowledge in our society today. While Dallas' DMK, as a single monograph, does not address the role of the church or the Spirit, such factors were close to Dallas' heart and mind as he wrote extensively about the "disappearance" problem beyond his posthumously published book. Thus, Scott's paper encourage us to read the DMK in light of Dallas' other relevant texts (e.g., Knowing Christ Today, The Divine Conspiracy Continued).

Your comments on Scott's paper are welcome here at the EPS blog. If you are a reader of Dallas' Disappearance of Moral Knowledge, we welcome your additional papers about the book and its importance (please contact here with your interests).

To learn more about The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge, please visit and also learn more about the Moral Knowledge Initiative being led by Dallas Willard Ministries. The EPS website provides additional contributions on Dallas' work, along with contributions to his DMK.

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Blogger Unknown said:

In essence this wonderful article encourages us to take Dallas's revelation and deal with it in our own lives before the creator of all knowledge.

I am encouraged to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal areas where I have strayed in my beliefs from a biblical worldview about His power and presence among us today, and about moral knowledge being restricted to outward deeds, rather than true inner change and transformation of the heart into Christlikeness.

Thank you Scott so much for this practical application of Dallas's important work. I believe it can help us all become more worthy disciples of our wonderful example and saviour, Jesus the Christ.

By Blogger Unknown, at January 17, 2020 at 1:05 PM  

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