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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Restoring Nature: Essays in Thomistic Philosophy and Theology

In 2020, St. Augustine's Press will release Restoring Nature: Essays in Thomistic Philosophy and Theology, edited by Michael M. Waddell. Michael M. Waddell is the Edna and George McMahon Aquinas Chair in Philosophy at St. Mary's College, Notre Dame.

From the publisher's description of Restoring Nature:
The concept of nature has drawn criticism from many quarters, including the natural sciences, ethics, metaphysics and theology. In these essays, distinguished thomistic philosophers and theologians seek to recover nature for their disciplines. The volume contains extensive treatment of nature’s much disputed role in ethics, as well as its importance for the philosophy of science (including biology), philosophical anthropology, metaphysics, the philosophy of art, theology and other areas.

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